NutraMilk Can Make Two Liters Of Nut Milk And Butter In 12 Minutes Or Less

Making milk from nuts isn’t all that difficult. It is, however, quite the time-consuming endeavor. NutraMilk offers a far more efficient solution.
You know how almond, cashew, or any kind of nut milk usually requires several hours (or days) of soaking nuts, as well as plenty of laborious grinding and straining afterwards? Not with this dedicated kitchen appliance, which can turn any nut into delicious milk in 12 minutes or less, depending on how much nuts you dumped in.
Made by Brewista, the NutraMilk actually looks like a juicer, albeit with a larger main compartment that can hold up to two liters of milk at a time. To use, simply dump a bunch of nuts from the opening on top, add water, choose whether you want to make milk or butter, and press the mix button. From there, you simply wait the seven to 12 minutes it takes to have it at the exact consistency you want. From there, just press the faucet handle and get yourself a load of fresh and chemical-free milk or butter.

It can process up to five cups of nuts at a time, which can turn into either two liters of nut milk or three cups of butter at a time. Features include a 500-watt motor powering the double blade mechanism, a LED display, a water0level indicator, and a dishwasher-safe canister for easy cleaning.


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