Facebook will hire 3 thousand moderators to monitor violence in the network

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Facebook will hire an additional 3,000 moderators over the next year to fight the placement of inappropriate content on the social network, said the founder and CEO of Mark Zuckerberg.

"In the last couple of weeks we've seen on Facebook how people hurt themselves and others - in live broadcasts or post-posted video posts," M. Zuckerberg wrote in his Facebook post.
"If we want to create a safe community, we need to react quickly." We are working to make the transmission of information about the appearance of such content easier, which will allow us to take more appropriate measures - this applies both to cases of quick reaction where someone Needs help, and if you need to remove the post, "- he said.
The team of Facebook moderators, currently numbering 4,500 people, will expand by two-thirds.
Facebook was seriously criticized after a recent video broadcast in the social network of the murder in the American city of Cleveland, as well as the killing of a child in Thailand.
In the case of Cleveland, from the moment of informing about the placement of the video until its removal from the page in Facebook, two hours have passed, the Financial Times newspaper writes.