5 US Stock Exchange Leaders

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5 US Stock Exchange Leaders

Shares of Apple, Amazon and Facebook were included in the top-5 sales for the first quarter of this year, reports Saxo Bank. Transactions with equity securities of Apple were the most popular among the Baltic investors Saxo Bank.
"Investors in their favor took advantage of fluctuations in the market, which was recognized by the policy of US President Donald Trump. We forecast that in the second quarter there will be more interest in European equity securities than in the US and Japan. We also expect that the shares of technological enterprises will be in demand in the future, which can become a reliable tool on the way to the growth of investment portfolios, "notes Peter Garnrey, head of equity securities and strategies at Saxo Bank.
The five leaders in the sales of shares in the first quarter of 2017 (according to Saxo Bank):

Apple's share price since the beginning of the year has grown by 23%, which helped improve the prospects for the iPhone, despite the tough competition from Samsung and Chinese manufacturers. Although the mood of investors has improved, the company needs to create new, weighty products in order to reduce the risks of the iPhone as much as possible - smartphones still make up 65% of Apple's business.

The largest e-commerce enterprise in the world is developing at full capacity, and the company's share price since the beginning of this year has increased by 20%. Growth of Amazon contributed 45% growth in the segment of virtual services compared to last year. To the free monetary turnover of the enterprise, 12 billion US dollars were added, which is a six-fold increase over the past three years. This additional financial support enables Amazon to cover the niche of self-service grocery stores and clothing stores.

Although the social media leader finished last year with a sharp fall, the mood of the market has improved again, and the value of Facebook's shares since the beginning of this year has increased by 25%, reaching an unprecedented height. Despite the findings that the Facebook site in the news feed can not absorb more advertising without affecting the flow of news for users, investors have placed their hopes on Instagram and the success of video advertising that could contribute to the overall growth of the company.

Goldman Sachs
Despite the company's many advantages, its shares have fallen in price by 9% since the beginning of the year, and, in anticipation of inflation, profit indicators have accordingly decreased.

The value of the company's shares has grown by 29% since the beginning, and this year Alibaba plans to focus on global development, as well as on the segment of virtual services.

5 leaders of sales of shares in the Baltics for the last quarter according to Saxo Bank:
1. Apple
2. Facebook
3. Philip Morris International
4. BNP Paribas
5. Deutsche Bank
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