Naftogaz plans to reduce transit tariffs from 2020

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After the completion of the contract with Gazprom, Naftogaz intends to significantly reduce tariffs for gas transit.
Naftogaz of Ukraine plans to significantly reduce the tariffs for the transit of natural gas after the expiry of the contract with Russian Gazprom in 2019. This was announced by the company's commercial director Yuri Vitrenko, writes Deutsche Welle.
"Since 2020, tariffs will drop to about a tenth (from the current ones - Ed.), And this will make transit through the Ukrainian gas transportation system much cheaper than in the Nord Stream-2," Vitrenko said.
To reduce the rate of transit of gas through Ukraine, a guaranteed annual volume of transportation is required - about 110 billion cubic meters. According to official data, through the Nord Stream gas pipeline in 2016, 43.8 billion cubic meters of gas flowed into Germany. M of Russian gas. The gas pipeline was loaded almost 80%, writes DW.
Earlier it was reported that Gazprom increased the amount of claims to Naftogaz in Stockholm's arbitration by more than $ 5.3 billion - up to $ 37 billion.
In January, Gazprom sent Naftogaz an account of $ 5.319 billion to pay for fuel that was not selected by the Ukrainian company in the second or fourth quarters of 2016.
At the same time, Gazprom requires $ 45.7 billion, Naftogaz - $ 29.9 billion.
Gazprom and Naftogaz are being sued in Stockholm arbitration since June 2014. The subject of the lawsuits are contracts for the supply of gas from Russia to Ukraine and transit through the territory of Ukraine from 2009.
Ukraine does not buy Russian gas from November 25, 2015.