4K / Ultra HD A New TV Technology, Little Discussion.

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4K / Ultra HD A New TV Technology, Little Discussion.


Every year or within every month some New TV Technology uses to come into the world of television entertainment. Nowadays the New 4K / Ultra HD TV Technology is making noise in the world of an entertainment.
TV or Television is 100 % related to the video content or you can say that it’s a visual entertainment technology. TV technology is not like a tape recorder or a radio entertainment or can say that it’s not an audio entertainment; whereas this technology is related to the visual entertainment.

4K / Ultra HD A New TV Technology, Little Discussion.


As TV technology is a visual entertainment technology, it is highly and only related to the "Size” and the "Quality” of the visuals (picture or video). Day by day the size and the pixel resolutions of the television is increasing, and this, we have to accept politely as an electronics progress.

Previously it was the black and white days, than TVs became colourful, than Pureflat, Plasma, LCD, LED, SDTV, HD / HD+, 3-D TV, Smart TVs and now the New TV Technology is 4K or you can say Ultra HD. it is one of the newest invention.What is 4K / Ultra HD TV Technology and Its Resolutions :

HD and 4K TV technology represent the resolutions of the television display or screen. The normal HD Television video format support starts at 720 – 1080; video format supported are 720 p (1280×720) and 1080 p / i (1920×1080).

Now coming to the point of 4K (4000) pixels it is also known as the Ultra HD TV Technology, the 4K technology has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It is approximately four times of the current HD video 1080p.
Naturally as the video resolutions are increasing the size of the TV screen will also increase. 4K TVs are becoming available in the size of 60, 70, 80 and 100+ inches size. We are increasing the pixels and the resolutions of the display, it means the more detailed, sharper, colourful images and the videos.

Now the point is that if you want to enjoy the more detailed videos that is 4 times, the resolutions of the HD television you will definitely need the larger screen size. The screen size of the 4K video resolution should be some 60 – 100 inches or more to enjoy it fully.

The larger screen size needs the proper or can say larger viewing distance to utilise and enjoy the 4K technology in its full efficiency, thus it simply means that you are going to need a bigger hall or a living room. It is one of the new technology of 2012 – 2013.

Taking a break for today; We will talk more on this in our future articles of the New TV Technology. If you want more or any other information on the TV / Television Technology you can request in the Comment Below, the Comment Is Free… Share this New TV Technology with your friends and family. 

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