NutraMilk Can Make Two Liters Of Nut Milk And Butter In 12 Minutes Or Less

Making milk from nuts isn’t all that difficult. It is, however, quite the time-consuming endeavor. NutraMilk offers a far more efficient solution. You know how almond, cashew, or any kind of nut milk usually requires several hours (or days) of soaking nuts, as well as plenty of laborious grinding and straining afterwards? Not with this […]

Use Intel’s New RealSense Kit To Build Powerful Vision-Armed Robots

We’re starting to see products using Intel’s RealSense technology (e.g. the Naked 3D Scanner) and we’re betting that we’ll see a lot more throughout the year. Intel, naturally, wants to hasten the process and what better way to do that than to encourage home tinkerers to experiment with the tech in their upcoming projects? The […]